2018 Conference for Victims of War

PRN and Bearers of Peace are holding a conference as a joint initiative near the border to the occupied territories in February 2018.


In the next months we are raising support

  • to bring 500 people to the conference to let them learn how to counsel victims of war and have have impact in their communities
  • to keep our personnel in the area in order to continue the work


After a year of intensive planning, we have received confirmation from both parties involved in the Russia-Ukraine conflict that they have agreed to allow a peace conference in the combat zone. We are now taking concrete steps to begin planning for this conference in 2018. Some background information on previous activities:

The Ukrainian-founded Network for Peace and Reconciliation took responsibility for the logistics of this project at the beginning of 2017. Dr. Oksana Gritzuita is leading the process and is very optimistic that we will be able to gather 500 participants from Church and civil society from both sides to the conference. We will be concentrating on questions of reconciliation and trauma therapy. Many skilled professionals from the Ukraine and abroad have already confirmed their attendance. An Evangelical publisher in western Ukraine has produced learning material in Ukrainian and Russian. Churches all over the Ukraine are praying for success, and even in Russia the majority of Christian congregations are supporting this conference. This conference is the next important milestone towards reconciliation for the people in East Ukraine and continues the work accomplished at the conference in Kiev this past April, 2017.

As a worldwide network for Peace and Reconciliation, we now turn to ask for your support:

Bring us there

Johannes Reimer

for 1000 USD

Oksana Gritziuta

for 500 USD

Vladimir Ubeivolc

for 500 USD

Support a Participant

Help one or more of the 500 people to participate at the conference through:



Funding their conference fee:

Opt 2:

Funding a Resource-Package:

counselling victims of war:


Funding a Resource-Package: 

working for peace in society

Support a Peacemaker

Our staff members will continue to work in the area - make their work possible through:


A monthly donation of:

Voices of Participants of the Last Workshop

„We  took part in the training seminar "The carriers of peace" that was held in Donetsk region on July 12-14. The  purpose  of the training was to discuss practical issues   of  the  peacemaking  project  that  provides psychological  assistance  to people who suffered from the  military  activities and to those who faced difficult   situations in life.  At  the  seminar  were reviewed  different  strategies  that  are  applied in situations   of  psychological  threat. 

We  discussed some  ways  of  solving  difficult life situations. We received  new  knowledge  and  methods.  We  learnt to discover our inner  potential  and cope with our emotions which will help us in our work and in helping others. We  also received new knowledge of the Bible that will help  us  in  the  most difficult situations not to be destroyed but to become spiritually stronger. It  was a new way  of looking at the events that happen to us. Now we are going to apply this knowledge in our daily life."


Margarita,  participant  of  the seminar, on behalf of the whole group.

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