Lead Team

Manuel Böhm

Director of Network Development


Jana Hoppe

Personal Assistant to Global Director of PRN



From now on PRN wants to establish functioning offices in each region according to the WEA Alliance structure.


Right now we are setting up our global office in Canada and fining directors for Eastern and Western Europe.

In the future we want to see  10 fulltime employees working in the global office, one director for each TRAIN section and three fulltime workers in each of the 7 region of the WEA.

Eastern Europe

Vladimir Ubeivolc

Eastern Europe Director of PRN



Middle East/North Africa

Zhamir Youssif

Middle East/North Africa Director of PRN



International Advisory Team

The International Advisory Team has been formed in the last few months and is still open for members to be completed. In January 2017 members shown above met for the first time and discussed world concerns, prayed for wisdom of how to address the issues and set up first strategic strains which now are integrated in our philosophy of ministry (TRAIN).

Regional Teams

The goal is to establish Regional and National Advisory Teams formed through the Evangelical Alliances of each level, members and partners of PRN and strategic leaders in each context.

The first region where an Advisory Team is nearly completed is Europe. Soon you will find further information of recent developments.



Strategic partners

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