Ambassadors for Peace

Our Ambassadors of Peace are more than supporters of peace building and reconciliation. In fact, they raise and motivate other potential supporters to become active. They think strategically and work creatively to support the network to function. 

Read about Individuals who Work for Peace

Brian Stiller

Global Ambassador for the World Evangelical Alliance

Mrs. Peace


Mr. Reconcile


Alfred Meier

Missionary to Mali, Africa

Godfrey Jogarajah

Associate-Secretary General for Alliance Development and the Executive Director of the Religious Liberty Commission of the WEA

Denise Uwimana-Reinhardt

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How do you become an Ambassador of Peace?

Do you feel an urgent need for peace building in the world?

Does the conflict loaded world around you cause pain in your heart?

Do you sense an inward call to work for reconciliation among people and God and people and their neighbors?


Than you are best equipped to start as an Ambassador of Peace. PRN will equip you through additional training for your specific mission inside the movement. Please connect with our PRN personnel and together we will work on a personal involvement plan for you.

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