Hello Dance Studio/Dancers,


Dance2Change The World® (D2CTW) would like to invite you to bring positive change to the world through a global movement of social healing that builds community across cultures, generations, and belief systems.

Will you help us be a Change Maker?

On Saturday, November 3rd between 12-1pm, we will attempt to hold the Largest Worldwide Flash Mob/Dance Performance in the Guinness World Record!!

The Parliament of World Religions® (POWR) has for the first time come to Canada and has asked Dance2Change The World® (D2CTW) to perform an opening number for their Women’s Assembly. In addition, we are performing this Flash Mob event at Roundhouse Park behind the Metro Convention Centre in Toronto!! Although we would like you to personally join us in Toronto, there is the option of performing it on the same day wherever you are! However, you must register on our website prior to the event and video record your group doing the dance on Saturday, November 3rd:

Further details on how to participate are outlined below:

Learn the dance moves and join us for this historic event:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7SQfhkvqSA
  • See details
  • Like Us. On Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube!
  • Spread the word. Invite and forward this email to other dance colleagues!
  • Volunteer. We need your gifts. Come join the D2C team!
  • Donate. Help us achieve to reach our fundraising goals.
  • Represent! Support the movement and wear the D2C apparel from our store.

If you have further questions please contact us at info@dance2change.com.  We look forward to speaking with you!

Thank you,
The D2C Team



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Youtube - youtube.com/channel/UCfb2eD24InB4riohAEPzWyA

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