PRN conference of «Bearers of Peace» in Druzhovka

Here are two voices of participants from the PRN conference of «Bearers of Peace» in Druzhovka, Donetsk Region, Easter Ukraine from the 28-29. of April. With many other women, also victims of war, they are too counting multiple scars in their hearts. Often the experienced violence results in hate, which first of all turns against oneself.


For Lena the conference marked a turning point. She writes:

“I am very thankful for having been invited to this conference.
When people greet each other in Donetsk today, they usually say:
«Peace in our country, peace in your family, peace in your heart».

The main speakers during the conference were Oksana Gritzuita and Olga Tshabotar. They have helped me to come to peace with myself. Today I an happy to say «I have found peace for myself!». It is so wonderful to be reconciled with your own story. Now I am able to love myself, which is a complete new, a long wanted and precious experience for me.
Thanks for the great conference. Continue to bring peace the hearts of people.
Don´t stop. Your help is priceless! May our Lord bless you.”



And Ludmila reports:

«Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.» (John 8,32).
These words of the scripture reflect best my emotions and feelings after the conference in Druzhovka.
I am back in honest conversation with God. He is alive and He does not want to see me suffering.
In fact, He wants to deliver me from all my pain.
Sure, it is difficult to talk about all the violence you have been going through, the experience, the constant pain in your body and soul. There are many questions marking your day.
How can you continue to live under such circumstances?
Is it ever possible to be thankful for all the pain and tears?
How can you ever successfully leave the desert you are in?
No – it was not easy during the conference to look into my own heart, to discover the truth about myself and then accept it and turn to God for healing.
I understand now, how important it is to know the truth, which delivers us and heals us, bringing peace into our hearts and enabling us to become a bearer of peace to those who are in need of reconciliation around us.
Thanks for your active participation in lives of people with broken wings.

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