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Trainings Centre in Zambia

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Training Peacemakers

#Code: HWOEC

Training Hub Eastern Europe


Building Leaders 4 Peace


Bringing Peace to Ukraine

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Building a School for Peacemaker Training

#Code: TCPKigali

Support the Network Development

Over the next 7 years, that begun in 2017, PRN is establishing a base for peace and reconciliation intervention teams in all regions of the WEA and has ambitious plans for further development including employing 31 full time staff members. In order to do so PRN-members travel to conflict zones, need soft- and hardware and other equipment for their work.


The estimated budget is 14.0 million USD between 2017 and 2024. Foundations are being established to facilitate growth. You can play a key role in enabling us to move ahead.

Please find further details in our vision and concept paper below.

Vision and Concept Paper - English
EN_Peace and Reconciliation Vision and C[...]
PDF-Dokument [8.4 MB]
Vision und Konzept Papier - Deutsch
GER_Peace and Reconciliation Vision und [...]
PDF-Dokument [8.5 MB]
Vision and Concept Paper - Russian
RU_Peace and Reconciliation Vision and C[...]
PDF-Dokument [13.2 MB]
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