We perceive the following conflict

The region of Eurasia is not stable. Politicians use churches as a means of solving geopolitical goals. Many Christian leaders have no balanced response to all political battles. Churches need to be trained as peacemakers and supporters of Shalom.

In subsequent Eurasian regions there is a great need for reconciliation. Since 1991, there have been (and are) the following ethnic conflicts, civil wars and inter-state wars in the given region.

  1. Armenia-Azerbaijan war over Nagorno-Karabakh;
  2. Moldovan-Transnistrian War;
  3. a series of revolutions in Ukraine;
  4. a war in eastern Ukraine;
  5. Crimea;
  6. Some revolutions and war in Kyrgyzstan;
  7. a civil war in Tajikistan;
  8. some conflicts in Uzbekistan;
  9. a series of wars in Russia;
  10. Russian-Georgian war;
  11. Serbian-Croat war;
  12. Serbian-Bosnian War;
  13. conflict in Kosovo;
  14. Ethnic conflicts in the Baltic countries.

We see the following solution: Regional Training Hub in Kishinev

The Euro-Asia Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN) is establishing a regional hub for Integral Mission, Peace and Reconciliation for Europe and Central Asia. The regional hub is an effective tool for implementing the global PRN vision and strategy.


PRN aims to:

Compiling Context Models for Peace and Reconciliation in cooperation with local and national leaders to ...

... to promote tailored models on a broader scale;

... to create peace and reconciliation between and through churches and Christian leaders.



1. Training and equipping leaders at all levels in the areas of Integral Mission (IM) and Peace & Reconciliation (P&R); Write manuals, courses and books on Integral Mission, Peace and Reconciliation and related topics; 
2. conducting round tables and working meetings with key national and regional leaders; 

3. Support for initiation projects and programs at national and local level for IM and P&R; Connecting different stakeholders and actors at local, national, regional and global level with other networks. 


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