Asia leads the PRN work in Pakistan

Asia is a brave woman from Belutschistan. Growing up in a very missionary Pentecostal church, she experienced early on that the Lord led her into the political mission in her country.

Christians were neither active nor in demand in politics. Asia joined an Islamic party, was actually elected, and represented and defended the Christian community in the country for three legislative sessions in the Pakistan parliament.


Her commitment to peace and reconciliation was also appreciated by her adversaries, despite more than one attack on her and her party. She enjoys great respect in parliament and in the country. Asia has taken over the management of PRN Pakistan. We will support your work with 12,000 euros per year and are looking for friends who want to especially promote her work.

Interreligious center in Peshawar arises

For years, Bishop Humpfrey of the Church of Pakistan has been working to build a peaceful neighborhood with the Muslims in his city.

Like no other city in Pakistan, Peshawar stands for the terror of the Talliban. Everywhere in the city you can see traces of the bombings. Even in the old church of the Church of Pakistan an Islamic assassin blew himself up in the air. Many Christians died. But Bishop Humpfrey did not give up his dream of a pacified city.


In the course of time, deep friendships were also formed with Islamic clerics, who want nothing more than peace. One of them is Mulana Tahyb. He registers more than 7,000 worshipers in his oldest mosque in the city Friday for Friday. Mulana Tahyb is building a new type of madrassah, madrassah, which teaches a peaceful and cosmopolitan Islam. Together with Bishop Humphrey, he is counting on the next generation and hopes to shape them for a new peaceful and religiously tolerant Pakistan.


During his visit to Peshawar in May, Johannes Reimer held intensive talks with Mulana Tahyb on joint efforts. During the consultation, peace conferences were arranged in the Cathedrale of the Church of Pakistan and the Medrese. As a first step, we hope to equip the medrese with 12 computers to give students an open window into the world.


Immediate financial needs for the developments in Peshawar: 20,000 euros.

Training center in Islamabad agreed

Two years ago, a consortium of Christian leaders succeeded in founding UCC, an association of 108 missionary communities in the city of Islamabad.

In addition to community building UCC is committed to socio-transformative work in the slums and poverty areas of the city. UCC has asked PRN to train its leaders in peace and reconciliation work.

The first seminars are scheduled for Spring 2020. Until then, the literature would have to be translated into Urdu.


Annual financial requirements: 5,000 euros.

Project: Shared Future

In close collaboration with Christians in Norway, the Pakistan Mission "Pakistan Missionary Society" has started a pilot project aimed at developing well-functioning local communities, offering mainly youth services. So far, the aspect of peace and reconciliation has been missing.

PRN will actively engage in the development of this work and offer training in peace and reconciliation.


Financial requirements for the current year: 5000 euros.

Project: Shared Future

Many Pakistanis have left their country and today live all over the world. Many of them want to work for the old homeland. That's why PRN opens the PRN Pakistani Diaspora Desk in June.

Dr. Suhail Rubin, Germany will lead this work and accordingly ensure that a smooth cooperation between the diaspora and homeland becomes possible. As a Urdu-speaking mission theologian, he will also be involved in intensive training courses in the country.


Annual financial requirements: 40,000 euros.

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