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At ISOR (International School of Reconciliation) participants learn theologically and practically how to organize and lead reconciliation processes in their community. They are deeply encouraged by the profound experience of healing in communities of Rwanda. Pray for them and help us to cover their journeys.





PRN sponsors African leaders

for participating at the International School of Reconciliation (ISOR) in Kigali, Rwanda


From July 24, 2019 to Auguat 09, 2019, the Center for Healing Ethnic Wounds in Kigali is conducting training in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. PRN has committed to sponsoring at least three participants in this training.



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Pledging Support for 2020

From March 3, 2020 to March 19, 2020, the Center for Healing Ethnic Wounds in Kigali is conducting training in Kigali, Rwanda. PRN has committed to sponsoring at participants in this training.

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Read about past participants and their experience

Primo Silvio

South Sudan

First and foremost, I want to give thanks to God Almighty for saving my life. I received Jesus Christ as
my personal saviour in 1994 and in 1997 I became one of the preachers in the Sudan Pentecostal Church (SPC). I came to know Jesus through my brother who was an elder in SPC - he told me that if I wanted to have peace in my life I must receive Jesus. I made that decision and I received Jesus as my personal Saviour and was also received into the church and trained in the great commission (Matthew 28:19). Currently, I am involved in peace mobilisation.

I will carry on the Mission of Peace

I held a first introductory training to church leaders on Saturday 24-03-2018  in Torit Imotong State South Sudan.

Next, I will continue to train others in the months of April, May and August 2018 and will also tour to hot spot areas in Imotong and Kapoeta States.

Allan Kasungami


I am Rev’d Allan Kasungami, a 41-year-old Zambian national and an ordained minister in the Evangelical Church in Zambia. Currently, I am serving as full-time local church pastor at Central Evangelical Church in a town called Chingola. I am married to Marilynn and God has blessed us with three children – Jikebo 12, Chizemo 9 and Ngayo 2.9 yrs.


The opportunity to attend the ISOR training is important to me in a
number of ways:

  1. To learn what the Bible teaches about human co-existence despite our ethic differences.
  2. To experience first-hand how Rwanda has found its healing from the unfortunate 1994 genocide and bring those lessons to Zambia.
  3. To build on my basic conflict resolution and mitigation skills.
  4. To share Zambia's ethnic dynamics and learn how to deal with potential hot spots of ethnic tension.
  5. To be a Micah Zambia local trainer for would-be community educators to promote co-existence and mediation, especially during electoral violence that is largely compounded by ethnicity.
  6. For peace and reconciliation in Zambia. Currently the nation is silently suffering from a serious ethnic divide that has manifested in voting patterns during the tripartite general elections especially. Being a church leader, especially using the knowledge and skills I will gain at ISOR, will help me apply this in my context.

Benvictor Dibankap


Sometime last year I was confronted with the question “In the midst of the prevailing unrest going on in the Anglophone regions, if Micah Cameroon was invited by the government to intervene, do you have the resources to facilitate the process of Peace, Healing and Reconciliation?” One of the people who asked me this question works at the presidency and the other is very close to the Speaker of the House of Assembly. Though they both asked me the question at different times, their conclusions were that we (Micah Cameroon) might be called upon to assist because the government is confused and really needs help, which they think can come from credible Christian organisations and the churches.
At the ISOR training, I look forward to learning how to resolve conflicts, alleviate poverty and promote reconciliation through community development initiatives in Cameroon. I intend to use the training to
facilitate workshops with church and community leaders, and also to empower young people on how to
run integral community initiatives that will promote justice and reconciliation.

Maloba Susan Mbanyi


I hope to learn how to bring healing, peace and reconciliation to many broken young women who are at war with themselves, their families, the church and society. I am hoping that this training will equip me to
be a promoter of Peace, Healing and Reconciliation in Cameroon using Micah Cameroon as a platform to
accomplish that.

Emiya Nkonde


I am Rev’d. Emiya Nkonde ministering at Great Commission Ministries International. I am responsible for of education, involved for many years in deliverance and counselling. I have also been ministering to young girls who are vulnerable who are in need of financial support in school. I am also involved in Home Based Care for HIV/AIDS people. Recently, I have been ministering and feeding inmates in Police cells every Thursday. I am married with two daughters. Attending ISOR will be so beneficial to me as almost every day I deal with broken and hurting hearts.

I am grateful to God for the acceptance for the ISOR training in Rwanda. I am writing to confirm my commitment to use the knowledge gained in this training to foster peace and reconciliation in Zambia in
coordination with Micah Zambia.

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