Approaches to Islam

Through our member of the International Advisory Team, David Shenk, PRN is able to offer access to the online course.

Approaches to Islam: theological and practical is a video course taught by David W. Shenk, doctor of religious studies education and anthropology, produced by Trinity Video Seminary. The course covers twenty topics designed to help followers of Jesus understand the message of Islam, and faithfully commend the gospel of reconciliation as they engage with Muslims.

This university level course may be used for academic credit (independent study) or for personal learning. Students seeking academic credit must negotiate it with their respective universities; the course syllabus (below) outlines the various requirements each student's professor would oversee and/or create, including optional graduate credit requirements. For independent study, professors and students must adapt various elements, such as class attendance and small group discussions, according to students' circumstances.
The two required course texts are David W. Shenk's Journeys of the Muslim Nation and the Christian Church and Shenk and Badru Kateregga's A Muslim and a Christian in Dialogue.

Course Introduction

Course purpose 

To enable believers in Jesus Christ to understand the message of Islam and to be equipped to faithfully commend the gospel of reconciliation in their engagement with Muslims. 

Course objectives 

  1. Students will understand the beliefs and practices of Muslims. 
  2. Students will embrace the good news of the gospel of reconciliation. 
  3. Students will be equipped to commend Christ. 
  4. Students will deepen their commitment and develop approaches to peacemaking relations between Christians and Muslims. 
  5. Students will be prepared for informed theological discourse and dialogue with Muslims. 


Information taken from course webpage

Course Moduls

Topic 1:  My journey with Muslims

Topic 2:  Quiz: What do you know about Islam?

Topic 3:  Early theological formation in the Arabian context

Topic 4:  The Muslim community

Topic 5:  Muslim theology and praxis

Topic 6:  Adam and Eve

Topic 7:  Abraham: Ishmael and Isaac

Topic 8:  Muhammad and Jesus

Topic 9:  The Quran and the Bible

Topic 10: Tanzil and incarnation

Topic 11: The Hijrah and the cross

Topic 12: Medina and Jerusalem

Topic 13: Tawhid and Trinity

Topic 14: The Hajj and the Eucharist

Topic 15: Shari'a is Muslim law

Topic 16: The Shi'a or Shi'ite Muslims

Topic 17: The Sufi mystics

Topic 18: Folk and secularist Islam

Topic 19: Principles for ministry among Muslims

Topic 20: An open door


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Information taken from course webpage

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