Peace for Eastern Ukraine

Eastern Ukraine is at war. Russia supported rebels control the regions of Donetsk and Lugansk. More than 1.5 Mio people fled their homes. People die daily. 

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Distroyed houses in the region. War is in every village of Eastern Ukraine.

PRN initiated and supports different initiatives towards peace and reconciliation.


Bearers of Peace

PRN assisted the initiation of a national Evangelical peace movement the Bearers of Peace Ukraine led by Dr. Oksana Gritcuita, Rivne.


Conferences on Peace and Reconcliation

Since 2015 conferences in many parts of Ukraine and Russia were conducted, motivating Evangelical Christians for more engagement in peace initiatives and refugee support. The next conference will be held in Donetsk, February 2018 in close cooperation with Bearers of Peace and the local EA.

Seminars on Counseling of Victims of Violence

PRN supports and assists the countrywide movement of Bearers of Peace Ukraine establishing and running seminars on counseling victims of violence.

Unbearable suffering accompanies the war in Ukraine

Schools for Trauma-Therapy

With our WEA assistance and support three schools for trauma therapy have been established in Kiev, Lviv and Slaviansk (more information on this will follow).

We also held our International School of Reconciliation in May 2017 in Kiev.



We publish the basic materials on counselling, peace and reconciliation in Ukrainian and Russian.

Conference in Kiev - April 2017

Some impressions from our peace conference in Kiev.

Conference in Tsherkassy 2017

Some impressions on past events.

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