Peace and Reconciliation Network (PRN)/WEA Training Centers

The nature of PRN Training Centers

PRN works with TRAIN strategy. This implies teaching and training on peace, reconciliation, conflict prevention and resolution, social justice and other related issues. PRN does its training in so called TRAINING CENTERS.


PRN Training Centers  (TC) offer teaching in informal, non-formal and formal program´s, raising knowledge on the evangelical view of peace and reconciliation and equipping Christians for peace building.


We distinguish between regional, national and local TC. A regional TC offers a comprehensive educational hub in which training curricula for the region are developed or contextualized. As a rule such a center will serve other national and local centers, providing both programs and personnel and serving as a network administrator for PRN in the region. National centers serve a nation and local – local churches.

Criteria for PRN TC

Any educational program in the evangelical movement worldwide may apply to become a PRN TRAINING CENTER whether this is regional, national or local. There are, however, certain criteria such a program will have to fulfill.


1.      PRN TC subscribes to the confession of faith as formulated by the WEA.

2.      PRN TC subscribes to the vision and mission of PRN WEA.

3.      PRN TC offers an educational base, administration and basic personnel to run seminars and teaching programs for peace and reconciliation.

4.      PRN TC subscribes to share experience and programs as well other teaching resources to and with other PRN centers.


Current PRN Training Centers

The following educational structures have been named as TC´s of PRN:



  • Bible College of Rwanda


  • Eleos Institut Budapest, Hungary


  • Latvian Bible College Riga, Latvia


  • Theologisches Seminar Bienenberg (Hub), Switzerland
  • Theologische Hochschule Ewersbach, Germany
  • Akademy for Christian Leadership (ACF), Germany


  • Bible Institut Chakovec, Croatia

Latin America:

  • Evangelical Faculty of Theology, University of Assuncion, Paraguay (Hub)

North America:

  • Tyndale Interculturale Ministry Centre at Tyndale University and College



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