Video Projects for Peace and Reconciliation

Here we present the trailers of movies that have been produced to show how Peace and Reconciliation processes are engaged through media.

Heroes Saving Jewish Lives

"Helden die keine sein wollten" - the German trailer, and "Heroes saving Jewish lives from the Nazis" presenting the the story behind village people who cared for Jews during the Nazi regime.


It’s hardly conceivable what kind of pressure people had to suffer under the Nazi and Vichy Regime. But nevertheless they succeded to rescue about 3000 refugees - mainly jews. Due to pastor André Trocmé in Central France people could be addressed and touched by the message of charity. "We do not know what a Jew is, we only know people“ is a famous remark of Trocmé.

Living Forgiveness

"Living forgiveness" is a movie presenting a reconciliation process after the genocide in Rwanda in 1994.


Soon we will integrate access to the movie - for the beginning please find access through the link.

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