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Vladimir Ubeivolc

Integral Mission:

  • Russian
  • Rumanian



The first book on in our Integral Mission Library (IML)

is written by Dr. Vladimir Ubeivolc and published simultaneously in Russian und Rumanian. The Ukrainian and English version is in preparation.

Request for orders are welcome.


The next six volumes out of 20 will be:

  • Missional Ethics
  • Missional and Incarnational Leadership
  • Social Transformation and Shalom
  • Art Therapy
  • Trauma Therapy
  • Effective Communication

Johannes Reimer

Missio Politica:

  • English



Evangelical Christians in many countries shy away from politics. And yet, especially with the rise of the Pentecostal and charismatic movements, the interest and involvement in political activity is becoming a daily reality in evangelical circles. At the same time, evangelical politicians are not exempt from scandals of corruption and complaints of ineffectiveness. Are Christians unable to do better politics than others? Are they less prepared? Is even the whole political involvement of Christians under question?
In this book, Dr Johannes Reimer explores the answers to these questions by articulating a theology of the church’s political mission. The church is not a political party, but as God’s ecclesia, it has a prophetic voice and is called out of the world to take responsibility for the world.

Enquiries from bookshops on how to get it or requests to  Individuals in Europe and North America keen to get a hold of the book then they can also purchase it from their preferred retailer like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, BookDepository, Fishpond, etc.

Tom Sommer:
Das Buch vom Frieden


Was heißt Frieden und wie ist er zu erreichen? Verschiedene Beiträge zeigen, was die Bibel zu diesem Thema sagt, berichten von tiefgreifenden persönlichen Erfahrungen und lassen Fachleute wie Friedensforscher zu Wort kommen. Frieden ist möglich - privat wie global!

Johannes Reimer/Oksana Gritciuta:

Councelling victims of violence


(Russian) – link to Biblos Publishing, Sacramento, California

Johannes Reimer/Oksana Gritciuta:

Councelling victims of violence


(Ukrainian) – link to Dobri Knigi Publishing in Novovolynsk, Ukraine.


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