Training Centres

PRN initiates and supports training centers for peace and reconciliation in every region of the world, offering specialized formal and non-formal education in peace building and conflict resolution.


What is a training centre? Read more.


The following centers are partnering with PRN:

Theologisches Seminar Bienenberg, Switzerland

Gesellschaft für Bildung und Forschung in Europa (GBFE), Germany


Restoration Institute - we will soon provide you a link for you and describe the programme more detailed.

Trauma Therapy course - soon there will be our material available to download.

International School of Reconciliation for Peace practioners

With our Partner Le Rucher Ministries we offer the learning experience from the horrific genocide Rwanda was exposed to in 1994.

In 2017 we taught those models of reconciliation in areas of unrest in the Ukraine - we already translated the movie "Living forgiveness" into Russian and Ukrainian in order to show the possibilities of transformation towards peace.


PRN offers a pool of resources for peace building and conflict resolution. Leading specialists in the Evangelical world are linked to our Network. Please contact our central office in Ottawa, Canada for information.

We continually expand our database.


Feel free to ask or contribute!


PRN initiates and supports conferences and conversations on regional and national levels on peace and restoration together with our strategic partners.


PRN supports research on issues of violence, conflict, peace and reconciliation in the world. We are establishing a network of partners. Our first partner is:

Theologische Hochschule Ewersbach, Germany

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